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Revolutionize your chat speed and effectiveness on WhatsApp, Teams, Linkedin and Telegram with OChat Chrome extension, your secure, context-aware and personalized A.I assiatnt.


🚀How to use OChat?

1. Add OChat chrome extension from Chrome Web Store.
2. Pin OChat to your chrome toolbar.
3. Sign-in using your google account via OChat chrome extension.
4. Enjoy using OChat for free by opening WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Teams on your Chrome.

After the 14-day free trial, you can choose to continue with a premium plan.

Chat Faster, Achieve More!

Speed Up Your Chats, Multiply Your Accomplishments.

Less Cognitive Load*
+5 times
More Effective Replies
+3 times
Faster and Effective Replies
+10 times
*Cognitive Load refers to the amount of mental effort required to comprehend, process, and respond to a message.

What is OChat?

OChat is a Chrome extension that, by leveraging advanced AI, provides a secure, personalized assistant in WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Teams. Ochat understands the context and tone of your conversations, ensuring that your responses are quick, contextually relevant, and grammatically correct.
Whether handling business communications, chatting with customers, or just keeping up with friends, OChat enhances your productivity and ensures that your conversations are more effective, enabling you to convey your thoughts clearly and promptly.

Your A.I Chat Companion!

Whether you're an individual aiming to enhance your chats or a large organization looking to revolutionize communication, Ochat has the perfect plan for you.



Unlock the full potential of OChat premium features and updates.

  • Unlimited Chats
  • Secure & Private
  • Personalized Experience
  • 24/7 Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Cancel Anytime
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  • Connect with your products or services database
  • Connect with your ERP, CRM, or other systems
  • Connect with your documents archive
  • API Access
  • Many more...
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Privacy Priority

Your privacy is our top priority. Ochat is committed to ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your conversations. Our strict privacy policy guarantees that none of your discussions are stored or used for any purpose, including AI training. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that even Ochat founders or employees cannot access your conversations, providing an unmatched level of security.
Revolutionize your chat experience with speed and quality, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your interactions are entirely private.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is OChat?

      OChat is an AI Chat Assistant that enhances your messaging experience on platforms like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Telegram and Teams making your chats faster, smarter, and more contextually aware, suitable for both individuals and organizations.

    • How does OChat make my chats faster and smarter?

      By using advanced AI to understand the context of your conversations, OChat provides intelligent suggestions to make your responses quicker and more relevant.

    • What are the privacy and security features of OChat?

      OChat prioritizes your privacy with strict policies ensuring that conversations are not stored or used for any purpose. Ochat Technology prevents even founders or employees from accessing your conversations.

    • Does OChat offer different plans for individuals and organizations?

      Yes, OChat offers flexible plans suited for individuals looking to enhance their chats and organizations aiming to revolutionize communication, with premium features available at different pricing tiers.

    • How much does OChat cost?

      OChat premium features are available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually. For customized organizational needs, contact OChat for tailored solutions and pricing.

    • Can OChat integrate with my organizations systems?

      Yes, OChat offers tailor-made AI assistance that can connect with your ERP, CRM, products or services database, documents archive, and more, along with API access.

    • How can I get started with OChat?

      You can get started with OChat by signing up for a free 14-day trial on our website, after which you can choose to continue with a premium plan or contact us for a customized organizational solution.

    • How can I contact OChat?

      You can contact OChat by emailing us at info@Ochat.ai